1.About Cicilookshop

Cicilookshop is your online stop for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothingCicilookshop.com provides clothing, costumes, dresses, activewear and accessories on the internet. At Cicilookshop, we pride ourselves in not only having the largest and most desirable collection of products, but also the lowest prices and best customer service of any online clothing boutique. Even though our prices are, on average, 10% lower than those of our competitors, Cicilookshop is dedicated to delivering high-quality clothing to women for their best.

2.Countries we can ship to

We ship to Worldwide.


(You'd better note the import tax policy in your destination country before ordering. Customers are responsible for the payment of duties and taxes. There are absolutely no sales taxes or any hidden charges to pay when you make orders on Cicilookshop.com.)


3.Is your website safe?


Our website is definitely safe. Your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. In addition, all sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Click Privacy Policy to browse detailed terms.


4.Where do you come from?


We are located in HongKong and packages will be shipped from China.


5.Do you have a phone number ?


For now, Cicilookshop do not provide Phone call service, if you have any problem, please fell free to email us via [email protected]Cicilookshop.com


6.When is your Office Hours?


7.What does your size mean?


Cicilookshop provides a general size chart and detail lengths for our products. The Clothing sizes are named from the height of the kids, and the shoes sizes are named from the inner length of the shoes.


8. Same Day Shipping


We understand our customers. We get our products to our customers within an industry-best of two to three business days, including Saturdays in areas where the postal service delivers. We ship all orders within two hours of receiving them during business hours, even during our busiest of times. If someone orders Friday night they are 'wowed' when they receive their order on Monday.


9. Lingerie Terms


Corset - A close fitting undergarment often tightened with laces. Most corsets extend from the breasts to the hips, and are constructed to enhance the figure by cinching the waist, thereby enhancing the bust and hips. Most corsets are fitted with four or more adjustable garter straps to support the stockings of your choice.


Fence Net - A very large net design similar to that of a chain link fence and used for stockings.


G-String - A panty with a very thin (string like) band of fabric in the back.


Garter Hose - This refers to a garment where a waist band, garter straps and stocking legs are permanently attached in one piece, simulating the use of a garter belt and stockings, but in fact being a one piece garment. You can see an example of this by searching Garterbelt Pantyhose on www.Cicilookshop.com


Reinforced - The sections of a garment that have been strengthened by double knitting to provide additional durability. This usually resulted in a darkening of the area, which is then considered a design feature.


Stockings - Although the popular use of this word has come to be "anything worn on the legs" (i.e. pantyhose, hold-ups or tights), we will stick with the more traditional definition. Stockings, as referred to on this web site, are the traditional style that are put on individually and attached at the top to a garter for support. These can come in plain top, satin top, or lace top, but should not be confused with hold-ups, which stay up by themselves.


Teddy - A woman's undergarment combining a camisole top and panties.


Tights - These are pantyhose made of a heavier denier in opaque or semi-opaque materials. They are usually dyed in deep colors and are more sporty and durable than pantyhose.


Camisole or Cami - A short sleeveless undergarment for women. A short negligee sometimes worn as an outer garment (depending on the material) or under a suit jacket.


Chemise - A loose-fitting dress type garment without a waist that hangs from the shoulders, typically with a short hemline.


Fishnet - A smaller net design, which is taken from the construction of a fisherman's net, usually made of nylon or nylon-lycra blends.


Shelf Bra - Comes below the breast to just under the nipple. It's usually supported and structured though the "boning" process which helps in uplifting the breasts for added cleavage. Stay Up Stockings - Stockings that stay up without the need for garters. True hold-ups usually consist of a decorative stretch lace top, with a silicone band inside of the lace to help grip the leg.


Tap Pants - Very feminine boxer shorts.